Altar Cards

for the Celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass

Lucida Casual 1,2,3
Comic Sans 1,2,3
How to Print

Adobe Reader DownloadTo assist the priest in the offering of the traditional Latin Mass, the Liturgy provides for having 3 altar cards on the altar. Below you will find the 3 Altar Cards in PDF format. You must have Adobe Reader on your machine to view and/or print these documents. CLICK the button to the right to download Adobe Reader program. CLICK each image below to open the document in Adobe Reader. A color printer is recommended. For Help on how to print successfully, see documentation below.

The Altar Cards are offered with 2 different fonts, (1) Lucida Casual and (2) Comic Sans. Lucida Casual is a favorite, but you need to have this font installed on your Windows machine or the document will view and print with a system default font, and thus not appear as nice (not recommended). If you do not have Lucida Casual installed, you can acquire this font from one of the many Font-download sites. The Comic Sans font is a very good alternative, and which typically comes pre-installed on your Windows machine. Some people even prefer the Comic Sans over the Lucida casual.

The Cards are numbered from Left to Right on the Altar: 1 = Gospel side, 2 = Center, 3 = Epistle side.

The Altar Cards are designed with traditional graphics at the top of each. If you can find another appropriate graphic, you could paste it over the given graphics. Also , if you can find an appropriate traditional border, you could paste it around each Altar Card.

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Font: Lucida Casual
This is my favorite font. You must, however, have this font installed on your
Windows System to get the text as shown.

Card1 - Lucida Casual

Altar Card 1

Card2 - Lucida Casual

Altar Card 2

Card3 - Lucida Casual

Altar Card 3

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Font: Comic Sans
This is an alternative font which is also very good,
and which typically is pre-installed on your Windows System.

Card1 - Comic Sans

Altar Card 1

Card2 - Comic Sans

Altar Card 2

Card3 - Comic Sans

Altar Card 3

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How to Print

To print these Altar Cards correctly takes a small modification to your printer settings so that the height of each card is 11". In your Windows system, you should first set your Printer Page Orientation to Landscape and select a paper size of either 8.5 x 14" or 11 x 17". Specifying your printer to use the larger paper size (even though you may not have that size paper) allows the text to take the correct size in the rotated (Landscape) mode.

  1. Click START - Control Panel - Printers and Faxes.
  2. Right-click the icon for the printer you are using, and then click Printing Preferences.
  3. On the Main or Layout tab (varies with Printer), under Orientation, change to Landscape.
Printer Landscape Printer Widepaper

Here is an example from an Epson Printer.

Your printer driver will vary if you have another brand printer.

Any changes you make in Printing Preferences will alter the default document settings for the printer and will affect all documents you send to the printer, so make sure that when you are done printing Altar Cards to change the selections back to their original setting.