The Great Deception of the Novus Ordo

references: Quo Primum by Pope St. Pius V
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About the fact that you have just attended a Protestant service, let me explain. What is the Mass? The Mass is the same Sacrifice as the Sacrifice of the Cross because the offering and the priest are the same---Christ our Blessed Lord; and the ends for which the Sacrifice of the Mass is offered are the same as those of the Sacrifice of the Cross. Would you not, just using your common sense, associate an altar with a Sacrifice and a table with a meal. You would! Well then let me ask, have you just attended a meal or a Sacrifice? I will grant you the fact that the Holy Eucharist was instituted at the Last Supper, but not until after the meal was over. The Holy Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and when He instituted this Precious Gift, He said, “Which will be given up for you and for many,” meaning when He died on the Cross!

The Protestants have always celebrated what they called a meal or memorial and received a host in memory of Christ and the Last Supper. This was condemned as heresy by the Council of Trent.
Catholics, on the contrary, have always had the greatest Gift of God on the face of the earth within their reach, the True Presence of Christ in Holy Communion! The doctrine of Transubstantiation has been guarded very carefully by all the Popes and all the Councils down through history. Never in the history of the Catholic Church has it been known as a meal until Vatican II and Paul VI.

There are 37 parts to the Mass and each represents something in the Passion of our Lord. The “New Catholic Dictionary” (published 1929) states on pg. 164, “The essential part, the Consecration, has always been the same from the time of the Apostles.”  “The present arrangement of the ceremonies and prayers dates with very slight change from the 6th century.” Pg. 833 “As far as the Mass is concerned, it is practically the same today as in the time of Gregory the Great (590-604). It is the constant tradition that Gregory was the last to make any change in the Canon.” 1,383 years!  “During the Middle Ages the Roman Rite branched out into a great number of other rites, differing only in unimportant details. Most of these derived rites were abolished by Pius V, 1570”

In the New Ordo, they have removed or changed most, if not all, of these parts. The new things represent nothing! Do you not see what has been taken away from you?

Have you noticed the way people are dressing for church since the Mass has been replaced? What irreverence!

N.O. mass irreverence

Recall to mind that during the Protestant Reformation the people continued to attend the new services in the same buildings where Mass was formerly offered --- and they all lost their Faith, their own and the generations that followed them.

On the second point: Do you know that the Mass can never be changed? After the Reformation, Pope St. Pius V fixed the Mass for all times when he promulgated the Bull, “Ouo Primum.” This was to prevent what happened in 1969, and until then, it appeared in every Altar Missal from 1570 on. It is lengthy for this paper, so I 'II quote it only in part but will be glad to show it in its beautiful entirety to anyone.

QUO PRIMUM – by Pope St. Pius V

“From the very first on Our elevation to the chief Apostleship we willingly set our minds and energies and directed all our thoughts to those matters which concerned the preserving of a pure Church worship and We strove, with God's help by every means in our power to accomplish this purpose. Since besides other decrees of the sacred Council of Trent, we were instructed to revise and re-edit the sacred books: the Catechism, the Missal, and the Breviary.” “ ... for it is only as it should be that in the Church there be only one proper manner of reciting the Psalms and only one rite for the celebration of the Mass.”

“Wherefore We decided to entrust this work to learned men We selected. These men then very carefully collated all their work with the ancient codices in Our Vatican Library and with reliable incorrupt or emended codices from elsewhere (undique). Besides this, they consulted the works of ancient and approved authors concerning the same sacred rites and thus have restored the Missal itself to the original form and rite of the Holy Fathers.”

“Only this rite is to be used unless in the same Churches from their first institution more than 200 years ago and confirmation by the Apostolic See, or unless their custom of more than 200 hundred years duration of celebrating Masses in these Churches has been steadily observed, in which cases We in no wise rescind their above-mentioned institute or custom.”

“All the other above-mentioned Churches, however, are hereby denied the use of the same Missals, which are entirely and absolutely to be discontinued, while by this present constitution, henceforth valid in perpetuity, We order and enjoin that this Our recently published Missal must never be added to, that none of it be omitted, and that none of it be changed under penalty of Our indignation.”

“We specifically warn all persons in authority, of whatever dignity, Cardinals not excluded, and command them, as a matter of strict obedience, NEVER to use or permit any ceremonies, or Mass prayers other than the ones contained in this Missal....”

“At no time in the future can a priest, whether secular or order priest, EVER BE FORCED TO USE ANY OTHER WAY OF SAYING MASS. And so as to preclude once and for all any scruples of conscience and fear of ecclesiastical penalties and censures, we herewith declare that it is in virtue of our Apostolic Authority that we decree and determine that this our present order and decree is to last in PERPETUITY and can never be legally revoked or amended at a future date...”

“Therefore, no one whatsoever is permitted to alter this letter or heedlessly dare go contrary to this notice of Our permission, statute, ordination, command, precept, grant, indult, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. Should anyone, however, presume to commit such an act, he should know that he would incur the wrath of Almighty God and the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.” 1570 on the 19th of July

Now, right away, it comes to your mind; “If Pope St. Pius V could fix the Mass, why can't Paul VI, who is also a Pope, do the same thing?” Here we get into the Magisterium of the Church which is guided by the Holy Ghost and always will be. A Pope is the vicar of Christ on earth and we certainly all know that Christ cannot contradict Himself! If one Pope, by virtue of his Apostolic Authority commands something in PERPETUITY, for all times, that's what it means and that's what it is!

As a matter of fact, and to show the guidance of the Holy Ghost at work, when Paul VI wrote his Apostolic Constitution, dated April 3, 1969, he states, “We wish (note he wishes but doesn't even command as did saintly Pius V. This means it is not law!) We wish that the words of Consecration be pronounced thus ... over the chalice: “Hie est enim calix sanguinus mei ...  qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum.” Speaking officially, therefore, Paul VI has permitted NO CHANGE in our Lord's words! There you have it, the guidance of the Holy Ghost!

On the other hand, we have it from reliable eye witnesses that when Paul VI says the Eucharistic Prayer #'s 1, 2, 3, or 4, he says the words, “Per tutti,” the Italian equivalent of “for all!” Here we have Paul VI saying one thing and doing another!

As for point 3: few people know that the Consilium which was mandated to compose the New mass contained six non-Catholic ministers. It was dismissed April 10, 1970. A week later Paul the VI's address in L'Osservatore Romano quoted him as thanking them for “imparting an authentic simplicity” to the new mass, for “elevating divine worship,” for “adjusting the ancient texts to our way of thinking,” for “correcting” the old texts, and for bringing into them a “greater theological richness.” I have a picture of Paul VI congratulating them. Doesn't this strike you as something to be looked into?

About point 4: The Catholic Church is the “Mystical Body of Christ.” It cannot and does not and never will err! The Catholic Church is guided as always by the Holy Ghost. Pope John XXIII and Paul VI have never used their powers of infallibility! Doesn't this shock you? Imagine the way your church is now, compared to what it used to be a few years ago. It has all been one big error! Therefore, it is NOT the One True Holy Roman Catholic Church!

Each point that Paul VI has spoken out on has been previously defined. Therefore, if he has contradicted many former Popes, which he has, and you believe him, you are admitting your church can err. Your children will never know the Faith because you do not have it any more and they are not being taught it in the so-called Catholic schools. What has been done to your Church, has been done deliberately. The enemies of Christ intend to wipe out His Church. You have joined them, in fact, by “going along.” The price is your IMMORTAL SOUL!!!

About the table in place of the Altar: This is a ridiculous Lutheran heresy and it has been condemned by more than 12 Popes.

(Picture below: Fr. Gregor Jansen rock/disco Mass on March 4, 2007 for youth in Vienna. Fr. Jansen makes the Consecration of the Body and Blood of Our Lord under flames projected on large screen flanked by spotlights. In the glow of blue laser light he delivers his sermon. He appears at right on the stage under two different colored light shows. He appears in the background framed by a rock guitar. He stands under the screen while the band performs. Mass attendees move to the rock rhythm under changing lights, as in a discoteque. It is hard to believe that a Catholic priest can consider such a nightclub atmosphere as an adequate setting for the Mass, the renovation of the Sacrifice of Calvary. Still more astonishing is that this action enjoyed the endorsement of Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, Archbishop of Vienna, and a dear disciple of Benedict XVI. The good news is that such atrocities are not the Catholic Church, but rather such atrocities are part of the false Novus Ordo religion of Vatican II.)

N.O. Rock/Disco mass

I will leave this point open and ask you to research it yourself.  Maybe then you will find that the beautiful Catholic books have been nearly wiped out and replaced by garbage! Maybe then you will awake from your slumber and realize what has been and is being done to you. Ah, how Our Lord and Our Lady weep as the demolition continues. Where are our good Catholic men and women and children? Stand up and be counted before it is too late!

The last point, changing the words of the Consecration: As defined by the Council of Trent; “Every Sacrament consists of two things, matter, which is called the element, and form, which is commonly called the word.”

Page 151 of the “Catechism of the Council of Trent For Priests” states, “The form is so definite, that any, even a casual deviation from it renders the Sacrament null.” Page 225 states; “We are then firmly to believe that it consists in the following words (in re: the Chalice): THIS IS THE CHALICE OF MY BLOOD, OF THE NEW AND ETERNAL TESTAMENT, THE MYSTERY OF FAITH, WHICH SHALL BE SHED FOR YOU AND FOR MANY, TO THE REMISSION OF SINS.” Later, pg. 227 “With reason, therefore, were the words 'for all' not used, as in this place the fruits of the Passion are alone spoken of, and to the elect only did His Passion bring the fruit of salvation.” You see NOT ALL MEN WILL BE SAVED!

This was not “new.” The Council of Florence (1438-45) made 2 infallible pronouncements about the words of Consecration. The first, to be found in the Enchiridion Svrnbolorum, pg. 223, number 698, namely, “The words of the Saviour by which He instituted this Sacrament, are the form of this Sacrament, for the priest speaking in the name of Christ effects this Sacrament.” The second infallible statement of the Council of Florence about the words of Consecration of the wine are: “The following is the form of the Consecration of the wine, “For this is the chalice of My Blood, the new and eternal testament, the mystery of Faith, which will be shed for you and for many, unto the remission of sins.”

This simply concurs with positive, infallible, Divine Revelation. Check your Bible. (they haven't changed that part of it YET). Nowhere will you find Our Lord uttering the words “for all men” when He instituted the Holy Eucharist and His Church always understood that Christ said exactly what He meant to say. HOW DARE ANYONE, OF ANY RANK, IN ANY WAY, IN ANY AGE, CHANGE THAT DIVINE STATEMENT!!! St. Theresa of Avilla said, 'That anyone who perverts the Scriptures is really doing the work of the devil.”

Dr. Jerichom Jeremias, a man not of the Faith, a German Jew, made this false translation, insisting there was no word in Hebrew of Aramaic for “many.” How then would he translate Matthew 7:13, “Enter ye in by the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and MANY there are who enter that way.”

Why do you not look into all this, my dear friends, before things get much worse and they will, with the destruction of the Mass. “Destroy the Mass, destroy the Church; destroy the Church, destroy the world.” Look at the fruits already ....  “By their fruits you shall know them.” FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND YOUR OWN IMMORTAL SOUL AND THOSE OF YOUR CHILDREN --- THINK!!!  PRAY!!! Pray especially to the Most Holy Mother of God and our own dear Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary!!!

We can assume that the wrath of Almighty God and the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul has descended upon us. We are in great danger of losing our souls if we have not lost them already. You lose your Faith, you lose your soul. Your Holy Catholic Faith is the greatest gift God has given you. It is the reason you were created! It is certainly worth fighting for.