The Sacrament of Matrimony

Wedding Doves

For those Catholic men and women contemplating marriage, this page provides the Church law regarding marriage, as well as the Church's exhortation and instruction for having a holy and happy marriage.

Even for already married couples, a studied review of this material will help you to advance in holiness.

Marriage Instruction
given from the priest to a Catholic couple to be married. Gives duties towards God, each other, children, parents
Marriage Blood Lines (chart)
Marriage Relationships and Impediments based on the degree of sanguinity.
Marriage Without a Pastor
how a Catholic man and woman may marry when no pastor is available.
Mixed Marriages
the Church discourages the marriage of Catholics to non-Catholics.
Mixed Marriage Promises Form (MS Word format)
Before a dispensation to a mixed marriage, the "promises" must be signed by both the non-Catholic and Catholic party.
Marriage Questionnaire (MS Word format)
Before an upcoming wedding, the priest must determine if there are any impediments to the marriage. This form will be used by the priest as a checklist.
Duties of Married Life
(1) Procreation, (2) Raising Children, (3) Mutual Harmony, (4) Lawful use of sex.